Register today for the National Youth Science Day Gamer Changers 4-H Challenge! This Computer Science (CS) challenge will be held from 5-7:30 PM on Tuesday, October 1st, at the Black Hawk County Extension Office. To register call 319-234-6811 or email Emily at

Game Changers is broken into three sections: Pitch Your Passion, Hack Your Harvest, and Program Your Playground. Activities are designed to be easy for everyone to learn about computer science while gaining skills of mastery and beyond with 4-H.

Game Changers is a perfect fit for first-time and beginner coders as it teaches computational thinking (CT) skills and approaches for solving complex problems systematically. Core CT concepts covered in Game Changers include decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction, and algorithm design.

Game Changers is broken into the following activities: Pitch Your Passion: computer based activity for kids to animate a passion/issue/cause they care about using code in CS First and Scratch (block based coding language); follow up activity includes further research about the specific cause and creation of a public service announcement Hack Your Harvest: introduces concepts of automation and efficiency through puzzle format problem solving Program Your Playground: introduces concepts of pattern recognition and abstraction through creating modified versions of tag with conditionals.

The Game Changers program is designed for youth ages 8-14. Registration is limited to the first 10 to call and register for this FREE experience. Pizza and water will be provided to participants.