A Black Hawk County Gaming Association (BHCGA) grant and some long-term planning by the La Porte City Fire/Rescue Department have paid off in the form of new and important pieces of potentially life-saving, critical care equipment. After receiving a BHCGA grant award of $28,700 last month, both of La Porte City’s ambulances were equipped with new defibrillator units.
The grant covered half the cost of the project, which totalled $57,514. La Porte City Fire/Rescue has been planning for six years to secure the nearly $30,000 needed to provide the necessary matching funds. By setting aside $5,000 a year from ambulance revenues over the past six years, the department was successful in their efforts without using a dime of taxpayer money.
The new defibrillators will offer additional capabilities over the outdated models they replaced.