La Porte City businesses that utilize a dumpster for garbage and recycling will see an increase in their garbage bill following action taken by the City Council on April 25. The new sanitation fees go into effect on July 1, 2016 and range from $28.60 to $102.30, with the assessed amount dependent upon on the size of the dumpster and the number of times it is emptied each week.
Last year, the City of La Porte City contracted with Black Hawk Waste Disposal to begin outsourcing the collection of garbage and recycling on June 1, 2015. Previously, La Porte City was one of just a few communities in the area that operated their own Sanitation Department, using employees of the City to manage the collection of garbage and recycling. While the switch to privatizing sanitation services resulted in a cost savings for the City’s residential accounts, the rates for commercial dumpster accounts was significantly higher. Rather than hit the businesses using dumpsters with an immediate and massive rate increase, the City Council chose to wait a year to implement a moderate increase in 2016.
The new rates that take effect in July represents a 10% increase in garbage fees for customers using dumpsters. While the rate increase will not be enough to offset what the City is charged for those commercial accounts, the savings realized on residential accounts more than makes up the difference. Nearly one year after outsourcing its sanitation services, the anticipated savings the City had hoped for is being realized, which is why residential garbage rates remain unchanged at this time. As part of the annual budget process, the Council will continue to monitor the costs associated with sanitation services and adjust rates accordingly.
The City reminds area residents that scheduling the collection of large items, such as appliances, or requests for residential dumpsters are made by contacting Black Hawk Waste Disposal directly at 232-4150. Garbage tags for additional bags of trash may be purchased at City Hall for $1 each. There is a limit of one additional bag per week, which should be placed on top of the closed container for pickup.

La Porte City
Garbage/Recycling Tips

Friday, May 13 has been designated as an unlimited garbage (bags only, no green tags required) collection date.

Containers should be placed on the curb. If a vehicle is parked nearby, place container out from the curb at least three feet.

Maintain four feet of clear space around each container

Containers should weigh no more than 75 lbs.