If health care reform has you feeling confused and overwhelmed, your local Farm Bureau agent may be able to help. On Tuesday, October 29, Teresa Meyer CLU, ChFC, LUTC will host an informational health care reform seminar to help you get ready for the changes coming in 2014. The free event will be held at the La Porte City Community Center, 301 1st Street, La Porte City, Iowa, and start at 6:30 pm.

At the seminar, you’ll be able to ask questions and listen to an overview of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Some of the topics that will be talked about are how the law affects people under age 65, when you can buy health insurance, who can get health coverage and the importance of working with a professional. You’ll also have the chance to sign up for a complimentary, customized health insurance analysis to help you make the best health insurance decisions for you and your family.

Teresa wants to help you understand how health care reform will affect your health plan and coverage options in 2014. She has received training on the ACA and will continue to get updates about it during this unique transition.

Contact Farm Bureau agent, Teresa Meyer, at 866-865-4245 or Teresa.Meyer@FBFS.com to reserve your spot today. And if you’re searching for information online, be sure to check out Wellmark’s website WeKnowReform.com.