On Friday, students at La Porte City Elementary School will have the opportunity to share some of the wealth of candy they were able to collect trick-or-treating on Halloween, as part of a special program the school is billing as “Candy for a Cause.” Here’s how the program works:

Students donate whatever portion of their candy they so choose. Depending on the amount of pre-collected donations the school receives, students will receive anywhere from one to twenty-five cents for each piece of candy they donate to be placed in a school-wide collection bank.

With Veterans Day approaching, the donated candy will be gathered and shipped to armed forces personnel serving overseas. The money generated by this project will then be used to support a local family in need.

The school invites local residents and businesses to join the effort by making a donation to be added to the school-wide collection bank, or to be used to defray the shipping costs associated with sending the candy overseas.

Donations labeled “Candy for a Cause,” need to be received by Monday, November 4th, and may be dropped off or mailed to the school at 515 Fillmore Street, La Porte City. Checks should be made payable to “Cans for Kids,” one of the main sponsors of this activity.