Recent events and reports of violence as close to home as Des Moines serve as important reminders of the need for an adequate blood supply. In response to the urgent need for blood, the La Porte City Lions Club, in conjunction with LifeServe, will host a local blood drive on December 14, from 1:30-5:30 PM at Veterans Memorial Hall.
Each time a donor gives blood, up to three hospital patients’ lives are saved. As an additional incentive, LifeServe now offers reward points that can be redeemed at an online store. Featured this month are festive holiday socks, which can be purchased for 100 points, the same amount one regular donation earns! Other promotional items include keychains, t-shirts, hats, insulated lunch bags and more.
For those who wish to, blood donation appointments can be scheduled online at or by calling 800-287-4903. No appointment is necessary for the December 14 blood drive in La Porte City, as the LPC Lions will gladly welcome walk-ins.