Help Desk: An Inside Look at The Progress Review

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then there is more than ample reading on The Progress Review’s websites. In less than a year, we’ve posted more than 60 photo galleries, in excess of 3,000 pictures. And that figure does not account for all the photos we shoot. For example, the 150 photos from the sectional wrestling tournament posted online on Feb. 8 numbered more than one thousand on Mary Bauer’s camera before they were selectively edited and processed.
We post a lot of pictures because we take a lot of pictures, more than we could ever hope to publish in The Progress Review print edition, which typically spans 8-10 pages each week. Posting pictures online allows our readers to enjoy images that otherwise would not see the light of day.

With technology that allows a burst of a half dozen photos to be taken in little more than a second, it doesn’t take long to generate hundreds of images, way more than anyone wants to scroll through on their computer, tablet or cell phone.

Given the number of photos The Progress Review shoots, it is not surprising when we receive requests for reprints of images we’ve published.
In a perfect world, reproductions of the photos we publish would be free. Unfortunately, equipment and software costs, along with the immense amount of time invested in travel and image processing, make photography one of the more expensive activities we undertake.

Over the years, our efforts to accommodate such requests has been met with varying degrees of success. We’ve learned that the costs associated with providing actual photo reprints is much higher than our customers are willing to pay. And who can blame them? You can walk into any photo retailer and generate an instant photo print for 29 cents (or less). The reason why most newspapers charge several dollars for a comparably sized photo reprint is more about the amount of time it takes to process the order than the actual reprint itself.

Our quest to provide photos in a timely fashion at a price closer to what our readers are willing to pay has evolved into a previously unexplored dimension for us- digital downloads. Digital downloads offer several advantages:

Instant delivery. As soon as the purchase is complete, an e-mail is sent with a link to the photo. One click and the photo is downloaded to your computer.

Multiple Uses. A digital photo can be immediately used online with social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter. They can also be used to order as many reprints needed for personal use, and the reprint size is not limited to 4×6 prints.

Cost Effective. Because digital download photo galleries can be processed in bulk, it takes us just a fraction of the time previously needed to offer them for sale. Less time translates into much lower prices. In fact, The Progress Review now offers progressive discount pricing on digital photo downloads ranging from 50% to 80% off. Once you’ve purchased a total of ten photos, all successive photo downloads are just one dollar each.

If you enjoy looking at photos, logon to or The Progress Review’s online marketplace, and click on the photo gallery links. You’ll find lots of galleries to look at, and while there is no cost to view the images posted there, the option to purchase a digital download is there if you want it.

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