Highland Club met on Wednesday, October1st at 1 PM at the La Porte City Community Center, with all 17 members present. A delicious dessert was served by hostess, Mary Nelson.
Meeting was called to order at 1:30 PM by president, JoAnn Phillips. Roll Call was answered by 17 members with no absentees. Minutes and treasurer’s report were read and approved by Janet Magnuson and Mary Bader, all approved.
Marilyn Purdy told the group that December 1st was the date set for the club’s Winter couples’ party at the La Porte Bakery at 5:45 PM.
“500” cards was played for the afternoon entertainment. High Prize was won by Mary Bader and low was given to Peggy Mangrich. Door Prize winner was Marilyn Purdy.
The group’s next meeting will be on November 5th, with Kathy Norris hostess.