Last Week: Double Lung Archery’s Dave Stueve is joined by his girlfriend, Tammy, and bowhunting safari client, Corey, for a five day hunt in South Africa. Failing to bag any trophies on the first full day of hunting, the group devises a new plan for day two.

The new plan for our second day of hunting has Corey continuing to hunt with Willim, a professional hunter. Tammy is going with Charl and I will be hunting with Solly.

I feel like I’ve been fired! I really wanted to be Tammy’s guide, but I know with only three days left we need to up our game, as well as our odds. Splitting up will help shift the odds in our favor. I also know Tammy is in good hands and will be less nervous if I am not around her.

As we sit by the fire, Erika grills chicken to go along with potato salad with bacon and cheese in it, broccoli, cauliflower and beets. Of course, none of the icky stuff makes it onto my plate, Erika knows me well! I ask her about the potato salad, as I have never had it with bacon in it. She said, “I put everything that is awesome in my potato salad.”  I agree. It was really good!

We sit by the fire a bit and then turn in for the night. Tomorrow our luck has to turn!


I sleep in, waiting until 5 AM to rise and greet the day. After a shower, I get the camp fire going again and do some writing in my journal while Tammy has her morning coffee. Following an omelet breakfast, we head out.

We drop Corey and Willim off first, then me. I wish Tammy good luck and get in the hide. Today I am hunting with Solly. Within minutes we have warthogs coming in, but none are big enough. Then, here come the baboons. They hang around a while, barking at us. Baboons  always know you are there. A lone jackel comes to the water, but he is in the only spot you can’t get a shot. Lucky dog there.

A big warthog boar finally shows up. While he is drinking, he does not offer me a shot. He then moves to our right, stopping at about 28 yards. I have the video camera on him and take the shot. It’s a hit! Off into the bush he goes. We call for the trackers. First to arrive are Charl with Tammy, who has already shot an impala today! It’s her first Africa kill and only her second bow kill ever! I am so proud and happy for her! Charl and Solly go after my warthog, as I listen to Tammy tell me about her hunt. We hear the loud BANG of Charl’s rifle. I guess my shot wasn’t as good as I thought.  We soon get word on the radio from Pat that my hog is down. Cool! Both Tammy and me get one today! I am hoping Corey is having some luck, as well.

While we get pictures taken of us with my warthog, Tammy mentions that this will be the first picture of us. We have been together over two years and have lots of photos of each other, but none with both of us in the picture. Pretty cool first picture of us, if you ask me!

Off to the skinning shed we go! There is Tammy’s impala! After I tell the skinners we are going to do skull mounts of both, they get to work. These will be the first mounts I have brought back from South Africa. I want Tammy to have mounts of her first Africa trip, and if we are going to do any, we might as well do them all. Back at camp I get to see the pictures of Tammy with her impala.  She is one very happy girl!

When Corey and Willim get back to camp, we find out Corey did not shoot anything today. He saw some animals but is holding out for BIG ones.


With only two days left of our hunt, we decide to streamline things a bit. I will be hunting with Joseph, one of Pat’s men. That will leave Solly available at a moment’s notice to help recover animals. Joseph is a quiet, very nice young man. He can’t be more than 18 or so. The first to be dropped off, I wish the others good luck and get in the hide.

By noon, we have seen all kinds of animals but nothing I am after. We see warthogs, waterbucks, kudu, baboons, impala, eland and a really nice nyala that I thought about shooting but held off, not knowing what Tammy was shooting. Nyala isn’t on my list for this hunt anyway, so I let him walk.

No shots for me today. We get picked up at 5:30 to find out Tammy got a Warthog! Way to go Tammy!  Her Elite Hunter bow did the job! They tell me that Corey is also on the board with a very nice impala! Great news all around!

“While we get pictures taken of us with my warthog, Tammy mentions that this will be the first picture of us.” Photo courtesy of Dave Stueve.

“While we get pictures taken of us with my warthog, Tammy mentions that this will be the first picture of us.” Photo courtesy of Dave Stueve.