Karson Hennings to represent Union High School in Kosovo

Next month, Hawkeye Community College will send representatives from five area high schools to collaborate with five agriculture schools in Kosovo. Making the journey of more than 5,000 miles as a part of that delegation will be Union senior and La Porte-Dysart FFA Chapter President, Karson Hennings, and Union Ag Instructor, Louis Beck.
The Kosovo/Iowa Agriculture Education Project is a collaboration between two nations that Hawkeye Community College hopes will improve agricultural education both at home and abroad. There are a number of exchange goals for all program participants, including:
For lowa FFA Members:

  • Experience and analyze global agriculture
  • Gain real-world experience solving complex global issues in partnership with Kosovar students
  • Gain cultural competencies
  • lmprove lowa Ag Ed programs

For lowa Ag. Educators:

  • Share best practices of agricultural education in a global setting
  • Enhance educational opportunities in their classrooms to produce students better able to solve global cultural and agricultural issues
  • lmprove lowa Ag Ed programs

For Kosovars:

  • Learn and implement the Ag Ed three component model
  • Rigorous classroom education
  • lndividual experiential learning programs (SAE)
  • Awards/recognition, career exploration/skill attainment and leadership development (FFA)
  • Gain pride in the agricultural industry

Hennings and Beck were originally scheduled to spend a week in Kosovo, beginning September 23. While there, the delegation will collaborate with agriculture education programs in five cities- Prishtina, Kosovo’s capital, as well as Gjilian, Peja, Vhurstrri and Prizern.

Located in the Balkan peninsula, Kosovo is approximately the same size as the state of New York.

The cost for Hennings to make the trip to Kosovo is estimated to be around $1,500-$2,000, which can vary greatly by time of year. The delegation has recently been informed the trip may delayed to early November because the popularity of OCTOBERFEST in German countries inflates the cost of travel enormously during the month of September.

In the meantime, as Karson Hennings waits to find out what the total cost will be, he is actively fundraising for the trip. If you would like to help sponsor Karson Hennings’ educational journey to Kosovo, please contact Union High School at 342-2674.