In partnership with the Cedar Falls Police Department and the Waterloo Police Department, there will be a significant increased presence of law enforcement officers on the bicycle and recreational trails system throughout Black Hawk County in the coming weeks and months. Whether on motorcycle, bicycle, or all-terrain vehicle, the public will notice an increased patrolling presence along all the trails from La Porte City to Washington Union Access (northern Black Hawk County), Hudson to Waterloo.
This is an overt response to the assault which occurred July 28 in George Wyth State Park, and this notice is both to notify those citizens who patronize the trail system to be more alert, as these motorized law enforcement vehicles will be more present, as well as a demonstration of effort to keep our citizens safe from these senseless acts of violence.
Area agencies request all users of the trail system to use a buddy system when possible and carry a cell phone to report suspicious activities (Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office: 319-291-2587). Citizens are encouraged to contact law enforcement if they see something out of the ordinary. Periodically along the trails there are marker signs with a unique numbering system which our dispatch center has and can aid in increasing response time along the trail system. The public is asked to remain alert and vigilant as while continuing to use this outstanding resource… and law enforcement will continue to maintain its safety.