Each year, the American Legion hosts an essay contest for fifth grade students that begins with a simple question: What does the flag mean to you? Upon reflection, the students composed a brief essay in response to the question and submitted it to the local Post for judging last December. The winning essay, written by Kajsa Skram, was then advanced to compete in the State Contest.

Recently, members of the local Legion Post had another reason to congratulate Kajsa- her essay placed second in the state! To commemorate the accomplishment, several members of the Post presented Kajsa with a plaque to congratulate her for her efforts.

As the nation prepares to celebrate the 244th anniversary of its independence, The Progress Review, once again, shares the words Kajsa wrote:

What does the flag mean to me?

By Kajsa Skram

When I think about the flag and what the flag means to me, I think about my great grandpa, all the wars our country fought, all the citizens of this country, freedom, the National Anthem, and God.

I think about my great grandpa, because he helped in World War II. He loaded bombs into B-29 bombers. He left his home, his friends and family, and risked his life for our country. I am really proud of my great grandpa.
I also think about all the other wars. Like the Civil War, the Revolutionary War, World War I and II, etc. All of those people who fought risked their lives for our country. When I learn about all the wars, the flag has something to do with the war in a very important way.

I think about the citizens because the stars remind me of all the states and all the people in the states who helped and might change the world someday to make the world better.

I am also grateful for the freedom our country has, and how everyone is free! Everyone can have their own beliefs, and stand up for what they think is right. Now we have democracy, not a monarchy.

I think about God, because in the Pledge Of Allegiance, it says, “One nation, under God” and because He gave us this world and this freedom. God gave us everything we had in the wars and battles. He gave us everything we have today to make us a united country.

Lastly, I think about the National Anthem, because that was written for the flag. Every time I hear the National Anthem, I think of the flag and it is an important part of history and people’s lives today.

That is what the flag means to me.