La Porte City will begin a city rebranding project with Independence-based company Fusion Forward, LLC. The goal of this partnership and project, is to engage community members and local businesses and create a strong, proud, identifiable brand for La Porte City.

Fusion Forward, LLC is a design and marketing company specializes in brand creation and implementation of the developed brand. This rebranding will create a strong and positive identity for La Porte City that will boost community pride, help guide decisions in the future, and help market the community to current residents and businesses, potential residents and businesses, and visitors.

Over the next few months, Fusion Forward will be asking for citizens’ input. Team members may be in town conducting interviews or gathering photos and information from local businesses and community members. Fusion Forward will also be asking for your participation and honest feedback by using a survey about La Porte City. This survey will be available on the city website, city Facebook page, and at City Hall.

“We feel there will be a significant and positive impact to our community by working directly with Fusion Forward on the rebranding project. It will give us the analytical data needed to address our weaknesses, make necessary changes, and continue to showcase our strengths with this new brand,” said Mayor Dave Neil.

“Rebranding La Porte City will also give us a clear consistent strategy plan that will help in achieving our goals for the future.”

“Developing a brand does not happen overnight, brands are developed by perceptions, interactions, experiences, and images that are seen, felt, and heard over time by many. Successful branding requires a committed collaboration of each and every member of a community. Everyone has a stake in the branding of La Porte City because the city’s brand is a direct reflection of the thoughts and feelings of the citizens.” stated Mike Hamilton, President of Fusion Forward.