The La Porte City Chamber of Commerce will host its annual Chocolate Walk on Thursday, October 10. The fun begins at 5:30 PM, as businesses throughout La Porte City will open their doors for shoppers seeking to satisfy their sweet tooth. The Chocolate Walk is a great opportunity to see, first-hand, the products and services hometown La Porte City has to offer. In addition to a number of special promotions local shoppers can enjoy that evening, treats of chocolaty goodness can also be found in many of the shops along the way.

This year, the Chamber of Commerce will draw the name of one lucky winner for a grand prize package consisting of a collection of special door prizes from many of the businesses participating in the Chocolate Walk. To be eligible for the Grand Prize, purchase a $1 punch card at the La Porte City Witham Auto Center, the starting location for the 2013 Chocolate Walk. Shoppers will be given a bag that lists the Walk’s participating businesses, along with a map identifying their locations. Visit each business on the route to get your Chocolate Walk card punched. Take the completed punch card to the La Porte City Golf Club, which is the final stop on the Chocolate Walk tour. Only the cards that have all Chocolate Walk locations punched and verified will be entered in the Grand Prize drawing.