April 10, 2017
The City Council of La Porte City, Iowa met in regular session on April 10, 2017. Mayor David Neil called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM with Council Members Eric Allsup, Kristi Harrill, Mike Johnson and Brent Sadler present. Absent was Council Member Jasmine Gaston.
Unless otherwise noted, all actions passed by affirmative and unanimous vote of the council members present.
Moved by Sadler, seconded by Johnson to approve the agenda.
Moved by Johnson, seconded by Sadler to approve the CONSENT AGENDA including the following: Minutes of March 27, 2017, disbursements totaling $77,317.58, and Clerk’s Report, Police Report and Administration Report for March 2017.
Moved by Johnson, seconded by Sadler to table REQUEST TO FORGIVE FIRE CALL FEE for Royce Rottinhaus. Harrill indicated that since the Council is waiting for clarification from Fire Department officers on the fire billing procedure, and Rottinghaus’ bill was prior to the issue with the billing, she felt his bill should be forgiven. Johnson asked if that meant that the City would be refunding all fire call fees. Allsup indicated that he believed that the City should not be billing any fees until the issue is resolved. Neil suggested that the billings all be held until the billing procedure is finalized.
Moved by Johnson, seconded by Harrill to approve the following policies and monthly premiums for the City’s LIFE AND DISABILITY POLICIES:
Life Insurance (Met Life) $108.00
ST Disability (Mutual of Omaha) $115.15
Long Term Disability (Met Life) $155.58
Total Monthly Premium $378.73
Moved by Allsup, seconded by Sadler to AWARD BID FOR WOLF CREEK REHABILITATION, PHASE I to Don Schmitz & Sons in the amount of $92,785.00. Phase I work includes clearing, grubbing, grading and seeding of creek banks, removal of existing storm sewer line and construction of a kayak landing and walking path. Work is expected to begin by May 1, 2017 with completion by July 31, 2017.
Moved by Johnson, seconded by Allsup to ADOPT RESOLUTION 17-14 SETTING SALARY FOR CITY EMPLOYEE. The resolution approves the hire and sets the salary for Library Assistant Laurie Rife at $8.00/hr.
Moved by Allsup, seconded by Harrill to ADOPT RESOLUTION 17-15 AMENDING THE STANDARD OPERATING GUIDELINES FOR THE LA PORTE CITY FIRE RESCUE SERVICE. The resolution approves new language to SOG #20 regarding the use of personal watercraft for water search and rescue.
Due to anticipated scheduling difficulties and traditionally low attendance, the Parks & Recreation Commission recommended that the Council approve closing the Aquatic Center for the season when school starts. Moved by Allsup, seconded by Harrill to approve closing the Aquatic Center for the season when school starts and Union Schools.
The Parks & Recreation Commission compiled a list of repairs and maintenance issues at the City ball diamonds, City Park and the Aquatic Center grounds. The Council reviewed the list. Public works will take care of most of the maintenance items on the lists. Moved by Harrill, seconded by Sadler to purchase garbage can for the park. In addition, Sadler will meet with Miller Fence Co. to look at the fences and possible repairs at the City ball diamonds and the City will hire and electrician to look at the power issues at the tennis courts.
The Council reviewed a possible grant opportunity for the property located at 205 Main Street. The City acquired the property through tax sale and has initiated the deed transfer process. There is an opportunity for funding through the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Derelict Buildings Grant Program. If awarded the grant would pay 100% of asbestos testing and abatement, and 50% deconstruction or renovation costs. Moved by Harrill, seconded by Sadler to move forward with the grant application with the intention to deconstruct the building and establish a green space.
Moved by Sadler seconded by Allsup to adjourn at 8:02PM.
Jane Whittlesey, City Clerk David Neil, Mayor
City of La Porte City
Claims for 4/10/2017
General Fund
Adv Syst, Cont 300.74
Adv Syst, Cont 21.84
BHEMA Fy17Q4 Dispatch Fee 5,957.60
Black Hawk Waste, Contract 14,551.12
Black Hills Energy, Natural Gas 971.68
Center Point Large Print, Books 44.34
City Laundering, Cleaning 403.39
Craft A, Overpmt 5.00
Craft L, 10Hrs Writing-Jan 160.00
Davison K, Mileage For Mtg 10.44
EBS, Health Ins Admin 130.70
EFTPS, PR Taxes 3,830.19
EBS, Flex 2,027.72
Heiman Fire, Particle Filter Hood 532.10
Hinebaugh K, Overpmt 10.00
IA FF Assoc, 2017 Dues- 312.00
IAWD Q1-17 Unemployment 149.09
IPERS, Pension 10,270.55
Klockner T, Reimb Supplies 47.73
Kronschnabel J, Mileage 36.76
La Porte City Printing, Pubs 808.03
LPC Motor Supply, Oil 7.68
Mccann L, Book 20.00
Midwest Breathing, Air Test 161.30
Monkeytown, Supplies 440.19
Mutual Of Omaha, Life Ins 315.44
Ode Design, 1 Book-Iowa Culture 44.00
Orkin Pest Control, Pest Control 67.73
Stocks A, Mileage 10.40
Teamsters, Union Dues 110.81
Thriftway, Supplies 28.60
IA Treas, State Taxes 2,308.75
EMSLRC, 9 BLS Cards 36.00
Urb’S DIB, Paint & Additive 111.97
Varsity Cleaners, Cleaning 114.40
Waterloo Tent & Tarp, Shade 1,525.00
Wex Bank, Fuel 694.16
Total General 46,577.45
Road Use Tax Fund
Allen Occ Health, Testing 62.00
Aspro Inc, Upm Cold Mix 523.80
Black Hills Energy, Natural Gas 122.41
EFTPS, PR Taxes 794.94
IPERS, Pension 1,353.74
LPC Motor Supply, Oil 53.18
Teamsters, Union Dues 16.19
IA Treas, State Taxes 432.16
Urb’S DIB, Paint & Additive 44.55
Total Road Use Tax 3,402.97
Economic Development Fund
BHC Rec, Fee, 205 Main 34.00
BHC Treas, Deed 205 Main 50.00
Total Economic Development 84.00
Debt Service Fund
Speer Financial, Cont Disclosure 315.00
Total Debt Service 315.00
Wolf Creek Rehabilitation Fund
LPC Printing, Pubs 47.52
Kevin Mishler, Prop Tax 73.15
Total Wolf Creek Rehabilitation 120.67
DTR CDBG Grant Fund
La Porte City Printing, Pubs 15.60
Martin Gardner, Const Admin 1,690.46
MSA Prof Svc, Grant Admin 2,000.00
Total DTR CDBG Grant 3,706.06
Sewer Fund
City Laundering, Cleaning 257.26
EBS, Health Ins Admin 26.14
EFTPS, PR Taxes 365.52
IAWD, Q1-17 Unemployment 13.41
IPERS, PR Taxes 868.30
LPC Motor Supply, Oil 38.11
Mutual Of Omaha, Life Ins 36.64
IA Treas, State Taxes 261.29
Urb’S DIB, Supplies 21.56
Total Sewer 1,888.23
Ambulance Fund
BHEMA, Fy17Q4 Dispatch Fee 1,489.40
Black Hills Energy, Natural Gas 71.32
EFTPS, PR Taxes 100.90
Grote J, Reimb Postage 2.73
IAWD, Q1-17 Unemployment 8.21
IPERS, Pension 213.69
Orkin Pest Control, Pest Control 18.00
IA Treas, State Taxes 54.80
EMSLRC, 9 BLS Cards 36.00
Varsity Cleaners, Cleaning 15.00
Wex Bank, Fuel 139.70
Total Ambulance 2,149.75
Total Accounts Payable 58,244.13
Total Payroll Checks 16,326.42
Report Total 74,570.55
Fund Recap
General 59,307.00
Road Use Tax 5,602.27
Economic Development 84.00
Debt Service 315.00
Wolf Creek Rehabilitation 120.67
DTR CDBG Grant 3,706.06
Sewer 2,937.66
Ambulance 2,497.89
Grand Total 74,570.55
March 2017 Receipts
General 65,256.40
Road Use Tax 22,520.52
Equipment Replacement 897.66
Employee Benefits 1,990.34
Special Revenue TIF 1,577.32
Economic Development 2,031.68
Debt Service 2,806.17
Captial Projects
Wolf Creek Rehabilitation
DTR CDBG Grant 67,768.00
Permanent Funds 1,729.85
Sewer 29,334.51
Ambulance 11,827.21
March 2017 Receipts 207,739.66