Prior its regularly scheduled meeting on August 10, the City Council of La Porte City held a workshop related to the City’s Capital Improvements Plan. Following the work session, Mayor David Neil called the meeting to order at 7 PM with Council Members Eric Allsup, Todd Butler, Sarah Craft, Mike Johnson and Brent Sadler present. Also present were Jennifer Sparks, Brian Schoon, Sydney Noyce, Dick Sides, Rick Primmer, Randy Carlholm, Jolene Kronschnabel and Brandi Baker.
Following the approval of the Building & Zoning Report and the Second Quarter Library Report, the Council held a public hearing for the City’s Comprehensive Plan Update. After Brian Schoon reviewed the update process with the Council, the plan was unanimously approved.
The Council also placed on file a recommendation from the Planning & Zoning Commission to vacate Railroad Street adjacent to Block 15, and that if the property is sold, to maintain a 20 foot easement for an existing sewer main. A public hearing on the matter will take place on August 24, 2015.
Two more public hearings were scheduled for the Council’s August 24 meeting, the first to consider the Planning & Zoning Commission’s recommendation to rezone the area between Elm and Spruce streets from M1 Light Industrial/Manufacturing to M2 Heavy Industrial/Manufacturing; the second to consider an amendment to the use exceptions allowed in the City’s Development Ordinance.
Residents in the Anton Addition will soon see long-awaited improvements made to the streets in their neighborhood, as the Council approved the expenditure of more than $95,000 for a 1¾ inch asphalt overlay on Anton and Palmer Drives.
In other business, the Council authorized signing an agreement with the Iowa Economic Development Authority to accept a $480,000 grant for downtown façade improvements. Martin Gardner Architects will be the firm that will perform designs services on the project for the City, at a cost not to exceed $115,000 (plus reimbursable expenses).
Mayor Neil announced the new Council committee assignments effective August 10, 2015, with the first person listed serving as the chairperson: Finance/Economic Development – Allsup/Johnson, Legislation and Personnel – Craft/Sadler, Public Safety – Butler/Allsup, Public Works – Johnson/Craft, Parks and Recreation – Sadler/Butler.