The City Council of La Porte City met in regulkar session on August 11. Mayor Neil called the meeting to order at 7 PM. Members present were Sarah Craft, Mike Johnson, Eric Allsup, Brent Sadler and Todd Butler.
The Council received an update on demolition timelines for properties located at 109 West Main Street and 410 7th Street. The demolition job at 109 West Main, while missing the drop dead date of August 9, is expected to be met within two weeks. The City has not received a proposal from the owner to rehabilitate the structure located at 410 7th Street. A second letter is being sent to the owner with a new abatement date and notice the City will perform the demolition if the owner does not.
The Council discussed placing additional street lighting in the Sweet Addition. As La Porte City Utilities does not plan to install more lights at this time, the Council tabled the matter on a 5-0 vote until future intersections are installed.
Resolution 14-47, related to a proposed sale of Sweet Addition Lot 2, was adopted by the Council.
The Council also approved a resolution that will allow the consumption of alcohol from 11 AM to 11 PM at the September 13 Party in the Park Event.
A new firewall system for the City’s server was approved, along with a new computer to replace one being used by the Public Zoning Administrator.
The Council approved a residency policy that requires critical response municipal employees to live within a ten mile radius of the City’s corporate limits. Current guidelines for Fire and Rescue personnel, however, require residency only within the City’s Fire District. Mayor Neil advised the Council that the City’s Fire District does not extend beyond the 10 mile radius specified by the policy, which effectively renders the potential conflict a moot point.
The Council’s next meeting will be held at Hawkins Memorial Library on August 25.