COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS November 13, 2017 

The City Council of La Porte City, Iowa met in regular session on November 13, 2017. Mayor David Neil called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM with Council Members Jasmine Gaston, Kristi Harrill, Mike Johnson and Brent Sadler present.  Absent was Council Member Eric Allsup. Also present were Larry Burger, Laura Folkerts, Sarah Logan, Tim Smith, Amanda Stocks, Angie Hutton, Emily Nelson, Hunter Fleshner, Jace Glenn and Isabelle Werner.  Unless otherwise noted, all actions passed by affirmative and unanimous vote of the council members present.    Moved by Sadler, seconded by Gaston to approve the agenda with the following change, striking Item 8a, Forward to Planning & Zoning – Request to Rezone and the request of the property owner.  Moved by Johnson, seconded by Sadler to approve the CONSENT AGENDA including the following: Minutes of October 23, 2017, disbursements, totaling $154,353.29, Clerk’s Report, Administrative Report and Police Report for October 2017.  Larry Burger from Speer Financial reviewed the City’s annual debt service report and Tax Increment Financing Certifications. Moved by Sadler, seconded by Harrill to approve the TIF CERTIFICATIONS FOR FY19. For the fiscal year, the City is requesting $188,002 in tax increment financing dollars for debt service payments and repayment of interfund loans.  Angie Hutton presented the MUSEUM REPORT FOR Q3, 2017. In the third quarter, the museum completed many projects on the museum facilities, including insulating, painting and weatherization. Hutton also introduced the Museum’s director, Emily Nelson to the Council. Nelson discussed her goals for the future of the museum.  Moved by Sadler, seconded by Johnson to RECEIVE AND PLACE ON FILE RECOMMENDATION OF PLANNING & ZONING COMMISSION. The Planning & Zoning Commission met on October 26, 2017 to review proposed changes to the City’s development ordinance regarding references to “family” and “family dwelling” in response to changes in the State code. The commission recommended that the Council adopt all proposed changes.  Moved by Gaston, seconded by Harrill to SET TIME AND DATE FOR PUBLIC HEARING ON CHANGES TO THE DEVELOPMENT ORDINANCE.  The proposed changes to the City’s development ordinance are in reference to “family” and “family dwelling” in response to changes in the State code.  The public hearing will take place on November 27, 2017.  Moved by Sadler, seconded by Gaston to adopt RESOLUTION 17-70 AMENDING CITY CREDIT CARD POLICY. The resolution approves adding Museum Director Emily Nelson as a cardholder.  Moved by Harrill, seconded by Johnson to adopt RESOLUTION 17-71 DESIGNATING INDIVIDUALS FOR ACH AUTHORIZATION. The resolution designates City Clerk Jane Whittlesey, Deputy Clerk Amanda Stocks and Public Safety Records Clerk Katie Davison as individuals with the authority to authorize ACH bank transactions.  Moved by Sadler, seconded by Harrill to adopt RESOLUTION 17-72 APPROVING THE TRANSFER OF FUNDS FROM THE EQUIPMENT REPLACEMENT FUND TO THE GENERAL FUND. The resolution approves the transfer of $10,676.82 from the Equipment Replacement Fund to the General Fund to cover part of the expense to paint the aquatic center vessel.  Moved by Johnson, seconded by Gaston to adopt RESOLUTION 17-73 CHANGING THE DATE OF THE SECOND CITY COUNCIL MEETING IN DECEMBER. The resolution changes the date from December 25th to December 26th.   Moved by Johnson, seconded by Harrill to APPROVE THE FY17 ANNUAL URBAN RENEWAL REPORT. For FY17, the City received $154,135 in Tax Increment Financing Revenue for debt service and repayment of interfund loans.  Moved by Sadler seconded by Gaston to APPROVE THE FY17 ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORT. For FY17 the City received $3,904.983 in revenues and had $4,747,092 in expenditures.  The Council reviewed a list of potential projects for the Black Hawk County Gaming Commission.  Moved by Sadler, seconded by Gaston to go into at 7:48PM pursuant to Iowa Code 21.5(c) of the Iowa Code “To discuss strategy with counsel in matters that are presently in litigation or where litigation is imminent where its disclosure would be likely to prejudice or disadvantage the position of the governmental body in that litigation.”  The Council returned to open session at 8:06 PM.  Moved by Harrill, seconded by Sadler to instruct Laura Folkerts to draft a loan modification agreement for Patrick and Brandi Baker as discussed in closed session. The new modification agreement removes the November 30th deadline for building permit and plans for the upstairs apartments at 208 Main Street.  Moved by Sadler, seconded by Gaston to adjourn at 8:08PM.   Jane Whittlesey, City Clerk   David Neil, Mayor,City of La Porte CityClaims for 11/13/2017General Fund Acco, Paint Pool 48,897.55 Adv Syst, Contract 161.91 Adv Syst, Contract 24.46 AFLAC, Ins 305.35 BP Nursery, Wreaths 687.41 BH Abstract, Title Report 35.00 BH Waste Disposal, Contract 15,126.45 Black Hills Energy, Nat Gas 356.35 CECHFP, Fuel 92.83 City Laundering, Cleaning 307.78 CSC, Child Support 206.95 Data Tech, 2018 Support 1,887.53 DM Register, Pub Chg 11.87 C Tech, Laptop & Norton 695.50 EFTPS, PR Taxes 8,429.69 Employee Benefit Systems, Flex 335.19 Farmers State Bank, VISA 2,420.13 Gall’s Inc, Jacket System 99.99 GIS Benefits, Life Ins 320.94 Goodyear, 2 Tires 272.04 Grote J, SCBA Postage 21.80 Harlan Checks, Deposit Books 58.17 Hawkins Library, Wreaths 110.00 INRCOG, Housing Assessment 5,940.00 IPERS, Pension 7,416.82 LPC Printing, Pubs 421.08 LPC Motor Supply, Supplies 56.81 Monkeytown, Supplies 10.12 Morend J, Yoga Instruction 360.00 Mutual Of Omaha, Std Ins 93.16 Orkin Pest Control, Pest Control 68.75 P&K Midwest, Mower Blade 9.33 Racom Corp, Edacs Access 26.77 Teamsters, Union Dues 156.89 Thompson Truck, Seal Kit, 279.48 Thriftway, Supplies 43.45 Iowa Treasurer, State Taxes 2,425.23 True North, Fire Fighter Life Ins 372.40 Urb’s Do It Best Hdwe, Supplies 125.87 Varsity, Uniform Cleaning 121.50 Wex Bank, Fuel 762.65 Total General 99,555.20 Road Use Tax Fund Black Hills Energy, Natural Gas 34.13 CECHFP, Fuel 1,485.28 Central Iowa Dist, Ice Melt 631.50 CSC, Child Support 189.48 Coots Materials, Materials 362.71 EFTPS, PR Taxes 2,238.25 Farmers State Bank, VISA 854.77 Harrison Truck Center, Fuel Filter 24.88 Ia Dept Of Revenue, Garn 278.03 IPERS, Pension 1,070.15 LPC Motor Supply, Supplies 165.21 Powerplan, Hinge 400.42 Star Equipment, Parts 34.26 Teamsters, Union Dues 53.35 Iowa Treasurer, State Taxes 306.59 Urb’s Do It Best Hdwe, Supplies 93.50 Total Road Use Tax 8,222.51 Economic Development Fund Adv Env Asbestos Removal 9,487.00 Total Economic Development 9,487.00 Permanent Fund Harlan Checks, Deposit Books 58.17 Total Permanent 58.17 Sewer Fund CECHFP, Fuel 278.49 City Laundering, Cleaning 144.82 CSC, Child Support 17.47 EFTPS, PR Taxes 738.65 Farmers State Bank, VISA 60.96 GIS Benefits, Life Ins 41.75 IA Dept Of Revenue, Garn 25.63 IPERS, Pension 421.12 LPC Motor Supply, Supplies 25.17 Mutual Of Omaha, Std Ins 12.98 Teamsters Local 238, Union Dues 4.76 IA Treasurer, State Taxes 607.18 Urb’s Do It Best Hdwe, Supplies 10.90 Van Meter, Supplies 26.83 Total Sewer 2,416.71 Ambulance Fund Black Hills Energy, Natural Gas 31.42 Bound Tree Medical, Supplies 219.00 Clark B, Code 1 Conf 175.00 Covenant, Supplies 33.87 EFTPS, PR Taxes 210.24 IPERS, Pension 147.68 Orkin Pest Control, Pest Control 18.27 Racom Corp, Edacs Access 26.77 IA Treasurer, State Taxes 38.00 Urb’s Do It Best Hdwe, Supplies 12.99 Varsity Cleaners, Cleaning 162.00 Wex Bank, Fuel 214.88 Total Ambulance 1,290.12  Total Accounts Payable 121,029.71 Total Payroll Checks 33,323.58 Report Total 154,353.29  Fund RecapGeneral Fund 124,848.09 Road Use Tax Fund 13,434.75 Economic Development Fund 9,487.00 Permanent Funds Fund 58.17 Sewer Fund 4,519.64 Ambulance Fund 2,005.64 Grand Total 154,353.29            October 2017 Receipts General 266,477.22 Road Use Tax 19,641.08 Equipment Replacement 4,464.00 Employee Benefits 63,938.83 Special Revenue TIF 81,531.17 Economic Development 1,963.29 Debt Service 93,857.88 Wolf Creek Rehabilitation 75,000.00 Permanent Funds 3,115.22 Sewer 27,912.19 Ambulance 14,080.80 October 2017 Receipts 651,981.68