January 9, 2017
Prior to the regular meeting, the City Council met for a budget work session.
The City Council of La Porte City, Iowa met in regular session on January 9, 2017. Mayor David Neil called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM with Council Members Eric Allsup, Kristi Harrill, Mike Johnson Brent Sadler and Chad Van Dyke present.
Unless otherwise noted, all actions were passed by affirmative and unanimous vote of the council members present.
Moved by Sadler, seconded by Harrill to approve the agenda.
Moved by Johnson, seconded by Sadler to approve the CONSENT AGENDA including the following: Minutes of December 28 and 29, 2016 and January 5, 2017, disbursements totaling $219,628.48 and Clerk’s Report, Administrative Report and Police Reports for December 2016.
Brent Waters from the auditing firm of Ridihalgh, Fuelling, Snitker, Weber presented the audit for the City for the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2016. There were no findings of instances of non-compliance in the audit.
Moved by Sadler, seconded by Harrill to RECEIVE AND PLACE ON FILE AUDIT REPORT FOR FY16.
Moved by Johnson, seconded by Sadler to ADOPT RESOLUTION 17-01 AUTHORIZING THE CLOSING OF BANK ACCOUNT AND IOWA STATE BANK, PARKERSBURG. The account will be closed and the account balance of $517,666.77 will be deposited evenly between the two local banks.
Moved by Johnson, seconded by Sadler to ADOPT RESOLUTION SETTING TIME AND DATE FOR PUBLIC HEARING ON SALE OF CITY PROPERTY. The resolution sets January 23, 2017 for the date of public hearing to consider sale of all of the alley in Block 10, Railroad Addition, lying west of the southerly extension of the east line of Lot 5 of said Block 10.
Moved by Johnson, seconded by Sadler to APPROVE EMC INSURANCE, SELECT PROVIDER PROGRAM. The program allows the City to direct employees to use certain medical facilities in the event of a worker comp injury or illness.
Moved by Sadler, seconded by Harrill to adjourn at 7:32PM.
After the meeting, the City Council resumed their budget work session.
Jane Whittlesey, City Clerk
David Neil, Mayor
City of La Porte City
Claims for 1/9/2017
General Fund
Adv Syst, Cont 236.94
Adv Syst, Cont 21.84
AFLAC, Ins 56.40
Belle Plaine Nursery, Wreaths 22.23
BHC Treasurer, EDACS Fees 1,146.01
BHC CJIS FY17, 2nd Half 594.00
BHEMA, FY17 Q3 Dispatch 5,957.60
BH Waste, Cont 14,605.53
Black Hills Energy, Natural Gas 1,390.67
Cash, Postage, Recording 86.85
City Laundering, Cleaning 373.56
Davison K, Mileage 21.48
Dutton Braun et al, Legal 28.00
EBS, Health Ins Admin 130.70
EFTPS, PR Taxes 9,185.38
EBS, PSF 929.44
Gall’s Inc, Winter Coat 45.94
IDNR, Pesticide Certs 30.00
IAWD, Q4-16 Unemp 52.12
IPERS, Pension 7,810.56
Kronschnabel J, Meal Reimburse 7.00
LPC Printing, Pubs 722.56
LPC Chamber, Membership 85.00
LPC Motor Supply, Supplies 9.78
Menards, Misc Supplies 161.15
Monkeytown, Supplies 201.24
Mutual Of Omaha, Life Ins 336.95
Orkin Pest Control, Pest Control 67.73
Popular Subs, Mag Renewals 94.60
Powerkids Press, Books 123.90
Racom Corp, EDACS Access 26.12
Sandry Fire Supply, Boots 306.36
St Clair, Furnace Repair 280.93
Teamsters, Union Dues 191.25
Thriftway, Supplies 38.90
IA Treas, PR Taxes 1,591.90
Urb’s, Supplies 236.66
US Cellular, Cell Phone Service 148.04
Weland Clinical Labs, Testing 135.00
Wellmark Of Iowa, Health Ins 10,472.49
Wertjes Uniforms, Uniforms 172.50
Wex Bank, Fuel 660.49
Total General 58,795.80
Road Use Tax Fund
Black Hills Energy, Natural Gas 455.63
C&C Welding, Plow 351.40
Coots Materials, Rock 530.62
Don’s Truck, Hydraulic Oil Tank 1,050.90
ECIC, Street Maint Supplies 2,612.81
EFTPS, PR Taxes 1,245.61
IPERS, Pension 802.77
LPC Motor Supply, Supplies 1,822.40
Ryan’s Repair, Repair 275.74
Spahn & Rose, PW Building 20,127.44
Star Equip, Equipment Rental 1,905.00
Local 238, Union Dues 28.16
IA Treas, PR Taxes 248.92
Urb’s, Supplies 165.47
Weich S, Metal Lockers 95.00
Wex Bank, Fuel 163.79
Total Road Use Tax Fund 31,881.66
TIF Fund
Speer Financial, TIF Rpt 350.00
Total TIF 350.00
Capital Projects Fund
Spahn & Rose,PW Building 38,174.47
Total Capital Projects 38,174.47
Wolf Creek Rehabilitation Fund
MSA, Grant Admin 372.00
Total Wolf Creek Rehabilitation 372.00
DTR CDBG Grant Fund
Adv Env, Asbestos Removal 4,500.00
Cardinal Const Pmt Request 33,746.05
Martin Gardner Const. Admin 2,535.00
MSA, Grant Admin 1,500.00
Total DTR CDBG 42,281.05
Sewer Fund
City Laundering, Cleaning 250.48
EBS, Health Ins Admin 26.14
EFTPS, PR Taxes 1,056.08
IPERS, Pension 594.33
Mutual Of Omaha, Life Ins 36.64
Teamsters, Union Dues 5.59
Thriftway, Supplies 2.78
IA Treas, PR Taxes 180.18
Urb’s, Supplies 32.65
US Cellular, Cell Phone Service 37.23
Van Meter, 9 Heater Elements 222.30
Wellmark Of Iowa, Health Ins 2,287.33
Total Sewer 4,731.73
Ambulance Fund
Arrow, Supplies 1,177.11
Bagenstos J, Repair 454.56
BHC Treasurer, EDACS Fees 286.51
BHEMA, FY17 Dispatch 1,489.40
Black Hills Energy, Natural Gas 91.38
Bound Tree Medical, Supplies 503.40
Covenant, Supplies 40.91
Davison D, Mileage 9.18
EFTPS PR Taxes 202.11
HCC, EMS CEH Sponsorship 150.00
IPERS, Pension 142.46
LPC Motor Supply, 10 Ton Jack 249.42
Orkin Pest Control, Pest Control 18.00
Racom Corp, EDACS Access 26.12
Superior Welding, Oxygen 48.50
IA Treas, PR Taxes 36.00
US Cellular, Cell Phone Service 48.52
Wellmark Of Iowa, Health Ins 1,837.50
Wex Bank, Fuel 258.96
Total Ambulance 7,070.04
Total Accounts Payable 182,093.71
Total Payroll 35,971.73
Report Total 219,628.48
Fund Recap
General 87,617.47
Road Use Tax 35,364.00
Tax Increment Financing 350.00
Capital Project 38,174.47
Wolf Creek Rehabilitation 372.00
DTR CDBG 42,281.05
Sewer 7,703.47
Ambulance 7,766.02
Grand Total 219,628.48
December 2016 Receipts
General 78,067.37
Road Use Tax 21,128.67
Equipment Replacement 1,287.00
Employee Benefits 6,826.20
Special Revenue TIF 5,978.99
Economic Development 3,088.10
Debt Service 74,722.12
Captial Projects 40,159.84
DTR CDBG Grant 35,208.00
Permanent Funds 423.50
Sewer 26,695.89
Ambulance 4,780.35
December 2016 Receipts 298,366.03