City Seeks Streetscape Feedback

Area residents attending La Porte City’s Festival of Trails Celebration will have an opportunity to provide feedback regarding three proposed streetscape designs for downtown La Porte City. Engineers from MSA will be on hand for select hours on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon at a booth on Main Street to collect information and respond to questions about the design proposals under consideration by the City Council.
While local officials seek the public’s input and response to the three options presented on this page, it could be as long as 3-5 years before construction on the proposed project begins.

The Streetscape Illustrations

The illustration above is an artistic rendition of the 200 block of Main Street in La Porte City looking southeast. The illustration combines a photograph of existing downtown buildings with an artistic sketch containing proposed streetscape elements.
The next set of illustrations below show three distinct aerial views of one city block in downtown La Porte City, labeled as options 1-3. Unlike the street level view, the aerial illustrations are general in nature, not designed to depict any specific existing downtown block. Each option shares similar elements- sidewalks, crosswalks and parking, to name a few. The main difference in each design is the roadway itself, varying from  31 feet of historic brick pavers in the drive lanes (Option #1) to no brick at all in the drive lanes (Option #3).

Should the City opt to place brick in the downtown drive lanes, it would most likely recycle the existing bricks already in place. Any brick used for sidwalks and ADA-compliant ramps, however, would involve new bricks to comply with construction requirements. The issue of paving downtown streets with bricks is a multi-faceted one, as City officials attempt to balance the aesthetics and tradition of a brick roadway with the ease of access needed to address future water line and storm sewer maintenance.
It should be noted the cost estimates provided represent the total amount to update four downtown blocks of La Porte City, which include the 200, 300, 400 and 500 blocks of Main Street.

Which streetscape option do YOU prefer? What questions or comments do you have about this Main Street project? Share your feedback with the City Council by completing the form below and clicking on the submit button when finished.

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