The City of La Porte City has contracted with Iowa Northland Regional Council of Governments (INRCOG) to update its Comprehensive Plan.  The Comprehensive Plan guides decision-making related to the city’s future development and growth, typically over a 10-20 year period of time.
The process of updating the Comprehensive Plan is carried out by a task force consisting of citizens representing a broad spectrum of the community. The task force will collect information on current conditions and identify current and future development trends and needs. This information will then be used to develop goals and action strategies that can serve as a future road map for development.
The task force will hold meetings on three Wednesday evenings in the coming weeks- on Sept. 24th, Oct. 15th and 29th. The meetings, which are open to the public, will be held at the Community Center and begin at 6:30 PM.
Information gathered as a result of the task force meetings will be compiled and presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission for review and consideration. Once a draft plan that incorporates city goals and objectives has been finalized, it will be presented to the City Council for approval and adoption.
Individuals who would like to serve on the task force or would like additional information about the Comprehensive Plan should contact City Hall at (319) 342-3396.