AUGUST 16, 2017 

The La Porte City Utilities Board of Trustees met for the regular board meeting on August 16, 2017, at 4:30pm.  Present were Jon Barz, Tami Keune, Shawn Mehlert, Mike Johnson and Kathy Strubel.   Keune made a motion to adopt the agenda, seconded by Mehlert. Motion passed 3-0.   Keune approved the July meeting minutes, seconded by Mehlert. Motion passed 3-0.  Reimbursement and transfer of money for the Substation Project will be ready at September board meeting. Res # 17-09 will be presented at the September board meeting for approval.  The board approved lowering the PCA for August billing period. Motion made by Barz, seconded by Keune to lower the PCA adjustment from .0068 to .0027.  This was due to metering of the new transformer.  Motioned passed 3-0.  Motion to adjourn by Mehlert seconded by Keune.  Passed 3-0  Meeting adjourned at 4:45.  Kathy Strubel, Recording Secretary      JULY 2017 DISBURSEMENTS ACCO                         chemicals $933.60 Advanced Systems  maint agreement $66.63 Aflac                               ins prem $47.72 Answer Plus              phone serv $101.10 Bergankdv         new computer $1,297.05 Black Hills Energy gas $33.10 Caseys gas $432.92 CVB & Trust     taxes, fed/fica $11,142.99 City of LPC         city payback $7,099.62 City Laundry       laundry service $550.21 Compressed Air            supplies $267.28 Covenant Medical     drug testing $23.00 Crescent Electric    wire markers $293.17 Deposit Refunds             refunds $122.14 Ditch Witch               lease pmt $3,405.00 East Central Co-op gas $196.52 Fidelity Security             vision ins $62.53 Fletcher Reinhardt         supplies $128.94 G&L Clothing        safety clothes $350.50 GIS Benefits                    life ins $132.60 Hygienic Lab                   wt test $397.00 Ia DNR                      annual fee $262.82 Ia Dept of Rev            sales tax $6,473.00 Ia Workforce              u/e 2nd qrt $51.35 IPERS              IPERS                          $4,295.53 Johnson Michael reimbursement $127.59 Keystone Lab wt test $25.00 Kriz-Davis                        el tools $290.64 LPC Connect            phone serv $406.47 LPC Insurance             gen ins $1,913.00 LPC Post Office billing $619.33 LPC Printing & Design                                   publication $439.00 LPC Utilities – interdept  well 5 $1,775.42 Manatts                repair break $1,049.81 Matthes, Bill       reimbursement $113.35 Monkeytown                 supplies $261.48 RPGI          purchased power $80,574.51 Shermco Industries substation $8,425.00 Spence Fertilizer       bulk salt $5,451.48 T&R Electric            substation $150.00 The Esco Group    substation $82,650.00 Unity Point Clinic      drug testing $37.00 Urbs Hardware         supplies $202.40 Utility Equipment  wt main repair $22.00 Van Meter Industry   supplies $132.92 Veridian Visa          training exp $236.01 Wellmark                health ins $7,007.82 Wesco                    supplies $33.71 Electric / payroll $134,889.95 Water $25,209.67 Electric Series 2016 $91,075.00 GRAND TOTAL $251,174.62                          July Revenue Electric $136,244.37 Water $47,220.09 GRAND TOTAL $183,464.46