February 12, 2020
The La Porte City Utilities Board of Trustees met for the regular board meeting on February 12, 2020 at 4:30pm. Present were Shawn Mehlert, Tami Keune, Greg Pipho, Bill Matthes, and Robyn Oberhauser.
Keune made a motion to adopt the agenda, seconded by Pipho. Motion passed 3-0.
January 9, 2020, minutes approved, motion made by Keune to accept, seconded by Pipho. Passed 3-0.
Members of the Heritage Park Condo association where present to discuss their current water base charges that they are being billed for. The board would like some more time to review this to come up with a decision. The board will look at all multi-units in La Porte City regarding the water base charge and come up with a decision at a later day. For now, all charges will remain the same for multi-unit properties.
Mike McEvoy with Esco was present to update the board on the Main Street renovation project. February 20th, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. we will hold a joint work session with the City of La Porte City to discuss the Main Street Renovation project further. The joint work session will be held at La Porte City Utilities.
Financial reports and disbursements were reviewed and approved.
Motion to adjourn by Keune, seconded by Pipho. Passed 3-0
Meeting adjourned at 6:15 p.m.
Robyn Oberhauser, Recording Secretary
JANUARY 2020 DISBURSEMENTS Advanced Systems Inc Contract $84.33
Advantage Admin
Health Ins Plan Fund $108.28
Allen Occupational health
Drug Testing $26.00
Answer Plus Answering Service $169.31
Bergankdv Contract Hours $12.84
Black Hills Energy Gas Expense $518.79
CVB&T Taxes $8,805.68
Charles and Marie Fuller
Rebate on Central Air $200.00
City Laundry Laundering Service $140.98
City of La Porte City
City Payback/contract hours $5,797.22
Compressed Air & Equip
Generators Maintenance $265.59
Delta Dental Plan of Iowa
Dental Ins $611.64
Fidelity Security Life Vision Ins $55.51
FS New Century Gas Expense $45.25
GIS Benefits Basic Life $105.89
IA Assn of Municipal
Transformer school $500.00
IA Dept Rev & Fin
4th Quarter water taxes $12,100.00
Iowa workforce Development unemployment $6.29
IPERS Ipers $4,123.26
Itron Meter Reader Contract $1,612.57
Keystone Water Testing $25.00
LP Motor Digger Truck $1,675.82
LPC Connect Phone Service $824.36
LPC Post Office January Billing $509.96
LPC Printing & Design
Notice to customers $89.63
LPC Utilities Utilities $2,936.71
Mid Iowa Coop Gas Expense $203.70
Orkin Pest Control $96.30
Powerline Supply FR Clothing $1,428.72
Resale Power Group
Purchased Power $58,151.94
Rice Trailer Used Pole Trailer $6,500.00
Shermco Generator Maintenance $1,597.00
Storey Kenworthy
Office Supplies $154.21
Stuart Irbby Street Lights $4,974.98
Superior Welding Oxygen $46.43
Thriftway Paper Towels $17.03
UMB Reg Fees $800.00
Urb’s Supplies $27.86
Van Wert Electric Meters $134.86
Veridian Visa Postage Stamps $640.80
Watts Electric 69 KV $325,909.07
Wellmark Health Ins $5,293.27
Total $447,327.08
Fund Recap
Electric / payroll $120,609.32
Water $18,654.40
Electric Series $325,909.07
Debit Services $800.00
GRAND TOTAL $465,972.79
January 2020 Revenue
Electric $167,373.03
Debt Service $26,050.00
Water $44,533.51
Electric series $19,060.00
Interest $11.73
GRAND TOTAL $257,028.27