November 7, 2017 

The La Porte City Utilities Board of Trustees met for the regular board meeting on November 7, at 4:30pm.  Present were Jon Barz, Shawn Mehlert, Tami Keune, Mike Johnson, Robyn Oberhauser, Bill Matthes and Kathy Strubel.   Mehlert made a motion to adopt the agenda, seconded by Keune.  Motion passed 3-0.   October minutes approved, motion made by Keune to accept, seconded by Mehlert. Passed 3-0.  Discussion was held on purchasing a new server. It was approved by the board to purchase the server in the next fiscal year. This item will be budgeted for in the 18-19 fiscal year budget.  The Christmas and New Years’ time off scheduled was approved.  Resolution # 17-10 “Electric Service Rules.” It was requested a $25.00 charge be added to the Electric Service Rules Resolution #09-03 for the loosening and reattachment of a meter box for the purpose of siding. After discussion it was decided not to charge for this service.  Resolution #17-10 was rejected.  Resolution # 17-11 “Records Retention Policy.” This policy shall govern the activities of the La Porte City Utilities with regard to its record retention practice set forth in the Records Retention Manual for Iowa Cities. The Office Manager shall provide for the destruction of outdated information which is currently being retained and is no longer consider beneficial to the operation of the Utility.  Per board approval no resolution will be needed for this operation. The outdated information will be destroyed in an appropriate manner. Motion made by Barz, seconded by Keune. Motion passed 3-0.  Resolutions #17-12 “Transfer of Funds” transfer $40,860.00 from the Capital Improvement Reserve Electric Equipment Fund to the Water fund Equipment Lease for the purpose of lease payments for the Directional Boring Rig. Motion made by Keune, seconded by Mehlert.  Motion passed 3-0.                   

Resolution #17-13 “Resolution authorizing transfer of funds.” Motion made by Mehlert, seconded by Keune.  Passed 3-0. Transfer of $10,195.10 from electric base reserve to debt service for Diesel Generation Series 2013 Electric Bond due on December 1, 2017.                                                                                                                                        Resolution # 17-14 “Resolution authorizing transfer of funds.” Motion made by Keune, seconded by Barz.  Passed 3-0. Transfer of $38,362.50 from electric base reserve to debt service for Electric Project 2016 Electric Bond due on December 1, 2017.  Meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm.  Kathy Strubel, Recording Secretary   

OCTOBER 2017 DISBURSEMENTS Acco Unlimited              chlorine $445.00 Advanced Systems                          maint agreement $66.63 Answer Plus             phone serv $202.20 Altorfer     substation supplies $4,247.75 Aspro                       maint patch $300.00 Black Hills Energy     well house $206.50 City Laundry       laundry service $448.73 City of La Porte          payback $2,270.87 Consolidated Energy    diesel $2,298.88 Compressed Air postage $18.85 CVB & Trust    taxes,fed,fees $11,161.71 Delta Dental           dental ins $684.48 Deposit Refund   dep refunds $1,552.00 Ditch Witch Financial                                 lease pmt $3,405.00 Ditch Witch    boring rig repair $1,028.82 East Central Co-op gas $404.40 Fidelity Security Life    vision ins $137.98 GIS Benefits life ins $265.20 Iowa Dept of Natural Resourse                                      water fee $134.00 Ia Dept of Rev           sales tax $1,756.00 Ia State Fire Marshal                                  tank renewal $20.00 Ia Utility Board                    2018 assessment $1,626.00 Ia Workforce Development                             3rd quarter U/E $26.69 IPERS                      IPERS       $4,487.68 Johnson Mike    reimbursement $195.49 Keystone Lab wt test $25.00 Oberhauser Robyn                             reimbursement $38.52 LPC Connect            phone serv $351.74 LPC Post Office                billing $285.70 LPC Printing & Design   supplies $132.01 LPC Utilities – interdept well #5 $2,933.54 Manatts                 street repair $3,846.44 Matt Parrot              laser check $273.17 Metering & Technology                             water meters $5,370.33 Monkeytown supplies $92.51 Motorhead Mayhem repair $160.50 Neil Gleason rebate $200.00 RPGI          purchased power $81,178.15 Shermco Industry            engineer substation $39,050.00 Stuart Irby supplies $98.24 Superior Welding supplies $42.06 Terex          digger truck inpect $2,733.79 Thriftway supplies $18.14 Urbs Hardware supplies $46.27 Van Meter Industrial                       substation supplies $24.36 Van Wert         electric meters $2,118.60 Veridian Credit    plant supplies $742.21 Wellmark               health ins $14,050.68 FUND RECAPElectric / payroll $147,012.59 Water $22,957.85 Electric Series 2016 $41,496.69 GRAND TOTAL $211,467.13               OCTOBER REVENUES Electric $138,178.50 Water $50,686.90 Interest $61.03 GRAND TOTAL $188,926.43