APRIL 13, 2016
The La Porte City Utilities Board of Trustees met in regular session on Wednesday, April 13th, at 4:30pm. Present were Jon Baz, Shawn Mehlert, Tami Keune, Mike Johnson and Kathy Strubel. Owen Wyatt and David Charles from Shermco and LuAnn Elliott from La Porte City Insurance were also present.
Keune made a motion to adopt the agenda, seconded by Mehlert. Motion passed 3-0.
Moved by Mehlert and seconded by Keune to approve the March minutes. Motion passed3-0.
LuAnn Elliott presented the board with an overview of the Utilities insurance policy. It was decided to renew the policy for the 2016-2017 year.
Resolution 16-02 “Resolution to Award and Proceed with the Switchgear Improvement” which was passed at the March meeting. Project price was $330,589.00 awarded to Central Electric Company dba AZZ. After examining their bid, AZZ indicated they overlooked labor costs and tax and failed to add these costs to the original bid of $330,589.00. Azz was withdrawing their bid. They rebid the project $483,500.00. Resolution No. 16-05 “Rescind the award contract Res No. 16-02 was approved. After discussion, the board members decided to award the contract to Eaton out of Omaha, NE for $496,109.78. Keune made a motion to award the contract to Eaton, seconded by Mehlert. Motion passed 3-0. Resolution 16-07 “Resolution to Award and Proceed with Switch gear Improvement”
Res No. 16-03 “Resolution Award to enter into agreement with Shermco for Engineering services” was signed. This was approved at the March 2016 meeting.
Res No. 16-04 “Resolution to enter into agreement for a Rate Study with Latham & Associates” was signed. This was approved at the March 2016 meeting.
Announced and adopted Federal Reimbursement Resolution, Res No. 16-06 “Reimbursement Regulation Resolution 2016 Project” Barz made a motion to adopt the resolution, seconded by Keune. Roll call, Barz, Keune, Mehlert. Motion passed 3-0.
The facility charge from Mid-America was discussed. This would be a part of the transmission line project if approved.
Shermco recommended we award the bid for the sub-station transformer to Resco/Virginia for $349,959.00. This was tabled from the previous month’s board meeting. Motion made by Keune, seconded by Mehlert. Motion passed 3-0. Res No. 16-07 “A resolution award, enter into agreement and issue the notice to proceed with the sub-station transformer” will be signed at the May board meeting.
Financial reports and disbursement were reviewed and approved.
Motion to adjourn by Barz, seconded by Mehlert. Passed 3-0
Meeting adjourned at 5:30p.m
Kathy Strubel, Recording Secretary
Advanced Systems maint contrct $95.44
Aflac ins prem $47.72
Answer Plus answer serv $94.81
Black Hills Energy gas $317.45
Casey’s gas $120.94
CVB -tax-w/h-fica fed-fica-w/h $9,567.38
City Laundering laundry sert $292.74
Coots Material gravel $80.32
Deposit Refund dep ref $464.00
Ditch Witch Fin. lease pmt $3,405.00
Co-op gloves $18.29
Fidelity Security life vision ins $62.53
Fletcher Reinhardt conduit $397.80
Hygienic Lab wt test $276.00
IAMU hiss dues $569.10
IA DNR wt test certificate $120.00
IA Dept Rev & Fin sales tax $6,646.28
IPERS ipers $4,285.59
Johnson Michael reimburse-travel $68.83
Keystone wt test $24.00
La Porte Motor supplies $207.57
LPC Connect phone service $404.80
LPC INS addl prem $479.00
LPC Post Office stamps $577.91
LPC Printing publication $116.63
LPC-interdept well 4 $2,748.06
Manatts concrete $862.19
Metlife life ins $132.60
Monkeytown supplies $823.93
Peters Construct ceiling plant $18,500.00
Resale of Iowa purch power $74,055.12
Sam’s Club membership $90.00
Shermco engineering $16,780.40
Stika, Casey reimburse-wt $51.75
Stuart Irby gloves $189.66
Urb’s supplies $224.17
Veridian Credit travel exp $341.42
Watco repair $20,055.26
Wellmark health ins $6,775.78
Witham Auto supplies $42.22
ELECTRIC & PAYROLL $137,069.88
WATER $36,752.62
DIESEL ENGINE 2013 $16,780.40
GRAND TOTAL $190,602.90
WATER $48,491.32
TOTAL REVENUE $237,202.51