September 11, 2019
The La Porte City Utilities Board of Trustees met for the regular board meeting on September 11, 2019 at 4:30pm. Present were Shawn Mehlert, Tami Keune, Greg Pipho, Bill Matthes, Alex Pick and Robyn Oberhauser.
Keune made a motion to adopt the agenda, seconded by Pipho. Motion passed 3-0.
August 14th, 2019 minutes approved, motion made by Keune to accept, seconded by Pipho. Passed 3-0.
Resolution # 20-02 “Meter Policy” which had been discussed and approved at the August 14, 2019 board meeting was signed.
Moved by Keune, seconded by Pipho to adopt Resolution 20-03 “New Employee Clothing Policy”. Passed 3-0.
Moved by Keune, seconded by Mehlert to remove Jon Barz and add Greg Pipho to all bank accounts. Motion passed 3-0.
Discussion was held on purchasing new pole and wire trailer. No action taken.
Financial reports and disbursements were reviewed and approved.
Motion to adjourn by Keune, seconded by Mehlert. Passed 3-0
Meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.
Robyn Oberhauser, Recording Secretary
Robyn Oberhauser Office Manger Shawn Mehlert, President of Board
Advance Systems Monthly Contract $84.33
Advantage Admin plan fund $620.86
Answer Plus answering service $107.83
Boarder State Maintenance Generators $250.00
CVB&T taxes,fee,state $7,551.88
City Laundry laundry service $242.81
City of La Porte City Payback $1,798.06
Consolidated Energy Fuel for Generators $1,683.57
Delta Dental Dental Insurance $517.14
Dutton, Braun, Staack & Hellman 69 KV Project Pole Agreement $1,487.50
ECIC Gas expense $667.46
Electronic Engineering Pager $377.69
Fletcher Reinhardt Underground Materials $332.88
Hygienic Lab water testing $90.00
IA Assn of Municipal HISS June- August $554.77
IA Dept Rev & Fin Sales Tax $3,840.57
IA Utilitity Board 4th Quarter assessment $129.00
Ionware Maintenance agreement on palm readers $450.00
IPERS IPERS $4,252.10
Keystone water testing $25.00
LPC Connect phone serv $413.04
LPC Post Office Customer Billing $655.76
LPC Printing & Design Meeting Minutes $335.67
Oberhauser, Robyn Meeting Expense $120.06
Orkin Pest Control $96.30
P & K Midwest Lawn Mower Blades $32.00
RPGI purchased power $99,428.53
Shermco 69 KV Project $15,708.10
Stuart Irbby 69 KV Project $6,039.13
T & R Service Substation Maint $255.00
Terry – Durin Co 69 KV Project $1,922.89
Thriftway Laundry Soap $14.17
Urb’s Supplies for plant $37.47
Watts Electric 69 KV Project $484,604.99
Wesco Distribution Underground Elec $572.07
Electric / payroll $140,285.76
Water $6,843.30
Electric Series $508,992.21
GRAND TOTAL $656,121.27
AUGUST 2019 Revenue
Electric $194,945.48
Electric Reserve $26,050.00
Water $48,721.83
Water Reserve $19,285.25
Interest $187.00
GRAND TOTAL $289,189.56