March 22, 2018
The La Porte City Utilities Board of Trustees met for the regular board meeting on March 21, 2018, at 4:30pm. Present were Jon Barz, Shawn Mehlert, Mike Johnson, Kathy Strubel, Bill Matthes, Robyn Oberhauser, Jon Elsinger, Abby Mouw, and Phil Norris.
Mehlert made a motion to adopt the agenda, seconded by Barz. Motion passed 2-0.
February minutes approved, motion made by Barz to accept, seconded by Mehlert. Passed 2-0.
Public comments, Phil Norris was present to discuss the water quality. Phil was informed by Johnson that they are currently working on the water and MSA has been assisting the utility to help trouble shoot the problem. Johnson also informed Norris that the water is tested daily and is safe for consumption.
Joe Elsinger and Abby Mouw from MSA where here to discuss the water quality issues that the utilities are having. They have been assisting us through the winter and are still working on resolving the issues. Motion was made my Mehlert and seconded by Barz to approve the MSA service contract. RES 18-03 will be drawn up and signed at April’s meeting.
Barz opened a public hearing for discussion on the Fiscal Year Budget 2018-2019. No written or oral comments were submitted. Motion made to close the public hearing by Mehlert, seconded by Barz. Motion passed 2-0. The board reviewed the budget presented. Moved by Mehlert and seconded by Barz to adopt Resolution No. 18-01 “La Porte City Utilities budget for fiscal year 2018-2019” Roll call as follows: Ayes Barz, Mehlert Tami Keune absent. Nays: none. Motion passed 2-0.
Approved 28E agreement between the City of La Porte City and La Porte City Utilities regarding contracting employment of Amanda Stocks. Barz made a motion, seconded by Mehlert. Motion passed 2-0. RES NO 18-02 was signed.
Mehlert made a motion to adjourn meeting, seconded by Barz. Motion passed 2-0.
Meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm.
Robyn Oberhauser, Recording Secretary
A-TECH energy programs $770.40
ACCO chemicals $3,144.00
Advanced Systems
maint agreement $66.63
Altorfer gen 3a $2,551.96
Answer Plus answer service (2) $101.10
Bergankdv quarterly check $359.43
Black Hills Energy gas $745.38
CVB&T taxes,fee,state $8,761.37
City Laundry laundry service $448.73
City of La Porte payback $2,935.99
Consolidated Energy
Gen 6 Fuel $12,117.28
Dan Howell centeral air rebate $200.00
Dearborn national
Life Insurance $118.50
Delta Dental dental ins $351.28
Deposit Refund refunds $507.00
Ditch Witch Financial
lease pmt $3,405.00
East Central Coop gas $347.15
Fidelity Security vision ins $71.05
GIS Benefits Life Insurance $265.20
Hygienic Lab Water testing $257.00
Ia Assn of Municipal
Mobile crane exam $99.00
Ia Dept of Rev sales tax $6,272.41
IA One Call Locates $35.20
IA Utility Board FY 2018 Assesst $915.35
Ionware charges for meters $2,218.01
IPERS IPERS $3,932.65
Kestone Labs Water testing $25.00
La Porte Motor supplies $104.83
LPC Connect phone serv $418.69
LPC Post Office billing $274.96
LPC Printing & Design supplies $47.56
LPC Utilities Dep refunds
dep refunds $611.00
LPC Utilities – interdept
well #5 $1,407.86
Monkeytown supplies $376.53
RPGI purchased power $82,608.95
Shermco series 2016 $5,600.00
Stoner’s Radiator
Chipper Radiator $495.00
The Esco Group substation $216,495.50
Thriftway supplies $2.30
Urbs Hardware supplies $55.15
Veridian Visa
school and travel exp $469.04
Wellmark health ins $6,568.42
Electric / payroll $144,677.91
Water $18,246.82
Series 2016 $5,600.00
Diesel Engine 2013 $216,495.50
GRAND TOTAL $385,020.23
February 2018 Revenue
Electric $170,560.27
Water $47,455.80
Interest $44.42
GRAND TOTAL $218,060.49