To the Editor

I just read the proposal of the mayor-elect to slash the public safety budget by reducing the police force and using on call services. This is, and should not be an option. We should never sacrifice the safety of our community. How much would this really save and how many feet of concrete would this pave? We have a convenience store that is open 24/7, and another that has just one employee that arrives around 4 AM to bake items for the day. What would the response time be for a call for help? Once the word gets out about limited services, the city would become a soft target for criminals to come here.

The figure he sites of public safety being 40% of the budget does not match the audit just released showing disbursements for the year of $4,682,224, of which public safety was $560,105.

The best way to create long term increases in income is to promote growth in business and residential property. I urge those of you that feel this is not an option to make your voices heard to the city council, as they are the ones who must approve any change.

Bob Wood