To the Editor:

In response to Bob Wood’s letter to the editor on creating long term growth in city income. Bob states the best way to create long term growth in city income is to promote growth in business and residential property. I agree. However, he doesn’t state how to accomplish this goal. In looking at best practices of other cities and how they spend tax revenue dollars to invest in city infrastructure to attract businesses and raise property values, a more balanced spending of revenue is needed. Currently our city devotes over 40% of our property tax income to the Police Department. In comparison to other neighboring cities large and small, we are well above the average.

For example:





As you can see, other similar cities are able to have a lower tax rate to attract businesses and raise property values. They are able to devote more dollars in the infrastructure to grow their communities. I agree that we need to keep our community safe, but we also need to look at the best way to do so that allows us to grow our city. Let me ask you this: Do these cities have a higher crime rate than ours?

Mayor-Elect Dave Neil, La Porte City