To the Editor:

I totally agree with Mayor Neil.  The battle that he faces is people don’t like change and that is understandable, but in most cases change is good. When people say they don’t want that, or that won’t work, I wish they would say why, or even more importantly, what they think would work.  It is so easy to say that won’t work.

I also enjoy living in a safe community and want that to continue, but I don’t think we are safe solely based on the Police Department.  It is my opinion that 41% of the budget going to a Police Department in a town this size is really hard to justify.  The rate and type of crimes just don’t support the figures.

Do we need a police officer on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?  It is my opinion that we do not, and the hours could be cut back.  Is there really a need to have an officer  on duty between 3 AM and 5 PM on Saturday, Sunday or holidays?  During the week is there a need of an officer between 2 AM and 7 AM?  There could be an officer on call during these hours for emergencies.

When buying equipment or vehicles, there really needs to be a lot of consideration about the cost versus the real need. We have to keep in mind that if we were to have a serious crime, we have access to, and will ask for the assistance of the Black Hawk County Sheriffs Department, Iowa State Police and/or Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, who have all the high tech equipment we would ever need.

I know there are people in the community that don’t care what other communities are doing, but they really should.  You can see the changes just by driving through them.  I would like to see what an extra hundred thousand dollars or more a year would do for the community.

If you disagree with the mayor, that is fine, but help us all out and meet with him to share your ideas.  I have always said, “Nothing positive comes from negative thinking,” so give change a chance and let’s grow together into a better community.

Dave Nelsestuen, La Porte City