To the Editor and Mr. Neil:

I have read your cormnents in the paper and online. You seem very concerned about money but not safety. This town is a safe town because of the police officers that drive around on our streets 24 hours. It is very comforting to know they can be where they are needed in about three minutes. Not the 15 or 20 minutes that you think is adequate. My family has had to call for help for health reasons in the past and that is about the longest time we waited before an officer arrived.

The majority of our citizens are going to follow the laws and rules of this town no matter if a police officer is on duty or not. But you know, Mr. Neil, there are those rebellious few that are going to take advantage of the situation and do exactly what they want to do in the moment. Why worry about speed limits and stop signs if there is not a police officer on duty to catch them? We have children, walkers and kids on bicycles.

I know tragedies can happen anytime. But it would be terrible for one to happen just because you want to save money.

One more thing, Mr. Neil. How are these police officers to be compensated for being on call? Will they be expected to stay close to La Porte City all day without pay? Reduced pay? This is not fair to them. Either they are on duty getting paid or off duty doing whatever they want.

I don’t care what other towns are doing. This is La Porte City and I want our full time police officers.

Georgia Greek, La Porte City