To the Editor:

According to recent articles, Waterloo and Cedar Falls are considering laying off police and fire personnel, their first line of defense when something happens. As both of these cities are in Black Hawk County, I want to make you aware of some facts that were recently released.

About a year ago, I read an article in an Iowa City newspaper listing the 99 counties and the outstanding warrants in each. Black Hawk had some 2,400. The reason given for so many outstanding warrants was a lack of personnel to research and locate them.

The March 12, 2014 issue of USA Today states 186,000 fugitives escape prosecution by crossing state lines, even though the whereabouts of many are known. They refuse to extradite them, even though some are wanted for murder.

Prosecutors say they won’t extradite due to limited resources. If any of you feel threatened to the point you call 911 and assume law enforcement is going to arrive in time to save you from becoming another victim, that may happen. Whether that criminal will ever be prosecuted is another matter.

Merle D. Wilson