On January 21, 2014, Democrats will again gather for their bi-annial precinct caucuses.  In this non-presidential year, the caucuses for Black Hawk County Democrats are at United Auto Workers (UAW) 838 Union Hall, 2615 Washington St, Waterloo.  The caucuses begin at 7:00 PM and will last about an hour and a half.  All registered Democrats are invited to attend.  Persons who are not registered or who are registered but not as a Democrat can participate by completing a voter registration form as a Democrat at check-in.

The precinct caucus is how the Democratic Party renews itself every two years.  Precinct committee persons who will govern the local party are elected, delegates are elected for the Democratic Party County Convention and convention committee representatives who organize and conduct the county convention will be selected from each precinct.  Every precinct in the county has the opportunity to elect delegates in proportion to the number of Democratic voters within the boundaries of the precinct.  In addition to these governance functions, the Democratic Party precinct caucus provides an opportunity for grassroots Democrats to participate in defining the party by suggesting and debating resolutions and priority issues for the county platform.   Ideas and input from the grassroots keep the Democratic Party in touch and responsive.

In the past, the precinct caucus has been vitally important in strengthening the Democratic Party organization and assuring the success of the party’s candidates and officeholders.  In 2014, the precinct caucus will again be pivotal for the success of the Democratic Party candidates and leaders.

All persons who identify as a Democrat or who feel some connection with the philosophy of the Party should consider attending the precinct caucus on January 21st to speak and have their voices heard.  Do you have an issue that you want the Democratic Party to adopt?  Do you have suggestions about what the governor, legislature, Congress or other leaders or representatives should be doing?  Do you want the opportunity to participate in the future governance of the Democratic Party either locally or at the state level?  This year’s precinct caucus is for you.  The people who participate and speak out will determine the future of the Democratic Party and the decisions made by elected leaders for the next few years.  Our self-government is too important and too fragile to be ignored or be just left to others.  Each of us has a civic obligation to participate to ensure that the self-government we cherish continues to thrive.

If you want more information about the Democratic Party, its leaders or activities, go to the Black Hawk County Democratic Party website: www.blackhawkdemocrats.com or the Iowa Democratic Party website: iowademocrats.org.  The Democratic Party Platform can be downloaded at the Iowa Democratic Party website under “official documents” link.

I can be reached by telephone at: 319-231-9786 and I hope to see you at the UAW 838 Union Hall January 21st for the Black Hawk County Democratic Party precinct caucus.

Patricia S. Sass, Democratic Black Hawk County Chair