Dear Editor,
I am writing to voice my support for Bruce Braley for U.S. Senate. The Senate election has deteriorated into partisan attacks about veterans’ issues. Our support for veterans is not a Democrat or Republican issue, but a priority that should be above misleading attack ads aimed at scoring political points.
Bruce Braley has a strong record of standing up for Iowa’s veterans and fighting to ensure their service is honored. He has stood up to the President and the pentagon to get back-pay that was denied to Iowa National Guard members, and he worked across party lines to improve disability services for veterans. He passed tax cuts for small business to hire veterans when they returned home from service. I know that Bruce cares about Iowa’s veterans, and I know he will continue to do so in the U. S. Senate.
Joni Ernst’s Tea Party ideas are wrong for Iowa. She supports privatizing Social Security, which would put Iowans’ retirement hopes in the hands of Wall Street. She wants to eliminate the federal minimum wage, and supports transforming Medicare to a voucher system, which would undermine benefits for Iowa seniors.
All the latest attacks on Braley’s strong record on veterans’ issues show how far Republicans are willing to go just to distract Iowans from Ernst’s Tea Party ideology. Ernst’s entire campaign has focused on everything except her positions on the important issues that affect Iowans.
Bruce Braley is the better candidate for veterans and he’s the better candidate for Iowa.
Patricia Sass, Waterloo, Iowa