To the Editor
This is the 25th anniversary of the Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) program.  REAP is the very popular and successful program that provides funding for state and local conservation education, soil and water enhancement, state park management and acquisition, county parks and recreation, city parks and open spaces, historical preservation and roadside vegetation. Public funds are matched and multiplied by private and outside grants so that the final impact on conservation and recreation is considerably greater than the state appropriation alone. In the local area, Big Woods Lake campground and Riverview Recreation area are the most recent REAP funded recreation projects.
In recognition of the 25th anniversary, the legislature appropriated $25 million for REAP next year. While that was cause for additional celebration, Governor Branstad decided to snuff out the enthusiasm by vetoing 36% of the appropriations (back to $16 million).  At the same time, he vetoed millions of other appropriations designated for water quality projects intended to help with the state’s nutrient pollution in our streams, rivers and lakes.
It appears Branstad is auditioning to be the state’s worst environmental governor ever. If you enjoy being outdoors in nature, I hope you remember Branstad’s action come November.
Roger L. White, Cedar Falls