Dear Editor,

I recently took a day trip to visit my aunt and uncle who have lived on Anton Drive in La Porte City for over 30 years. I have very fond memories of visiting them as a child and running around their neighborhood.  Imagine my surprise when I pulled in and found the entire street leading up to their house virtually impassable.

This is not a case of a few potholes that sprouted up over the last winter season. This is a case of years of neglecting the street in this wonderful neighborhood! I am hoping that the City will take action and properly fix (not patch) this road.

Yours sincerely,

Amanda White, Davenport, IA

Editor’s Note: In response to the question about street repairs in the Anton Addition, which is located on the northern edge of La Porte City west of U.S. Highway 218, Mayor Rick Lubben stated in an e-mail, “