To the Editor,

I want to reach every Cub master, Scout master and Venture leader in the Winnebago Council of Boy Scouts: Your unit has a scouting coordinator that helps you and signs your charter every year. That person is your voice with the Winnebago Council and is a voting member of the Council. Please take time to visit with your coordinator about what measures you like or don’t like that are being decided upon by the Council.

There is going to be an Executive meeting on Thursday, June 27, 2013, at 7 PM in the Heritage Room at Wartburg College in Waverly. It is very important that all coordinators attend and listen to what is said and vote for the betterment of the scouts and volunteer leaders.

If you are a scout, parent, leader or a former scout, please contact your unit leader about the meeting, as they may not know about the meeting.

Follow the Scout Law: Do your best, do your duty to God and Country.

Claude Brown, Hudson, Iowa