Dear Editor:

Every August the Iowa State Fair has the honor of hosting more than one million people at the historic 450-acre Iowa State Fairgrounds. The Iowa State Fair continues to attract people from all over the world and truly showcases Iowa’s best in agriculture, industry, entertainment and achievement. The Iowa State Fair is an American tradition that every Iowan can be proud of and for which I am humbled to serve on the governing board.
As one can imagine, the Fairgrounds are in constant need of upkeep and preservation to maintain the beauty that comes with the title “Greatest State Fair in the Nation.” Since 1993, the Blue Ribbon Foundation, the fundraising arm of the Iowa State Fair, has been able to offer the Corndog Checkoff as a way for Iowans to financially support their efforts. The Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation is dedicated to continuing that legacy by raising funds for the restoration and preservation for our historic Fairgrounds.
It is simple for you to participate in the Corndog Checkoff and something that anyone can do while completing their Iowa State Tax Return. Simply checkoff a donation for the Iowa State Fairgrounds and help us continue our efforts to continue renovation on the Youth Inn and Ruan
Plaza. Your donation will be deducted from your refund or added to the amount due.
Contributions to the Corndog Checkoff are fully tax-deductible.
I am already looking forward to the 2016 Iowa State Fair – August 11 – 21st and hope to have your support for the Corndog Checkoff. See you at the Fair.

John Harms
Vice President, Iowa State Fair Board
Monticello, Iowa