Dear Editor,
I’m responding to the letter dated March 8, 2017. To those that are serving and have served our country, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I am very appreciative of your BRAVERY.
Sir, you are right, that trying to compare being in the Service and being in prison is like comparing apples and oranges.
Yes, you are right that there are a lot of good and bad choices in life. Good choices have a lot more rewards and benefits. Bad choices, not so much.
You are right, if this prisoner wanted to be remembered by family and friends, maybe they should have contacted them directly to see if they have time for them. Just like a lot of the public does!
Yes, you are right some family and friends are proud of their service members! When have you ever just paid for a service member or veterans dinner without them knowing?
How about all those family and friends and public that are not proud of the military, like back in the 1960s with all the peace protesters and draft dodgers that were against serving and protecting the nation? At that time, there was a split between people supporting troops overseas and those who believed the military had no business there. There is a lot of things that can be debatated here.
I suppose that if a Service member is dishonorably discharged for doing something illegal, they should be prosecuted to the extent of the law, rather than just being kicked out of the Service. Their choice was wrong. There shouldn’t be any extra benefits for service members for medical, psychological, physical? Because it was the choice you made when you signed that line! Knowing the outcome possibilities??
It sounds like you are opinionated about things that you haven’t gotten enough thanks or appreciation for, especially for serving our country? Like some people can be??
I do understand that you stand strong for the Service members. Defend them all the way. I give them thanks as often as I can. I have paid for service members gas or stops at quick stores.
Sometimes, these prisoners write to the newspaper to just let their feelings out, which help them stay in touch with some emotional state of life. When they read responses like yours, they shut down and close up! That’s why when they get out, if they get out, they show NO EMOTION WHATSOEVER! So, sometimes people just need to let them write letters to get things off their chest. Just like you’re going to write a response to this letter.
I would like to meet you and debate this more.
To those serving and veterans, to the incarcerated, thinking of you.

Gary Murphy