To the Editor:

The headline in Sunday’s Courier is, “Grassley tries to ease health care concerns.” However, the article quotes Grassley as supporting repeal of the Affordable Care Act. The very fact that Grassley, Ernst and Blum are acting is the precise reason for health care concerns. Will coverage be dropped? Will insurance companies deny or limit coverage? Will young adults be tossed from the family policy? Will Medicare continue to cover wellness examines? Will the cost for Medicare prescriptions skyrocket? Will Medicare even exist? Will hospitals and doctors suddenly have huge unpaid medical bills from the newly uninsured working class? These and numerous other unanswered questions are direct result of the Republican insistence on repealing the Affordable Care Act with no clue how they replace it.
These eager-to-repeal Republicans have had 50 years to implement healthcare for all Americans. They have done nothing. They specifically have had 7 years to either amend the Affordable Care Act or construct their Republican replacement, but have not done so. Now they are tossing everyone’s health care off a cliff with no lifeline. When Republicans repeal health care, they will own the disastrous results and Grassley’s reassuring spin is not going to help.

Dr. Janine Ambrose
Cedar Falls