To the Editor:

A week ago, the Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement group was in Washington, D.C. talking about the farm crisis. The transformation of hog production from family farms to corporate controlled factory farms was driven by manipulation of markets by big corporations. That same thing is now happening to cattle farmers.
Right now, family farmers are paid below cost of production. And, cattle farmers are losing money.

One way to help cattle farmers is by creating country-of-origin-labeling (COOL) for beef production. Right now, USDA allows foreign-grown beef to be imported and repackaged in USA and be labeled a product of USA.
Consumers and cattle farmers alike are in favor of COOL. So why aren’t Iowa’s representatives introducing or signing onto COOL legislation? They have numerous excuses.
The truth is all of Iowa’s Congressional Delegation equally refuse to introduce or sign onto COOL legislation. Instead they are choosing to listen to the corporate interests like JBS and Smithfield.

COOL is a common-sense policy for consumers and cattle producers. And, COOL can be passed by Congress, if they can find the political will.

John Clayton