Dear Editor:
I’ve been living in La Porte City since I was the age of four. I attended the Union Community School District from the seventh grade until I graduated in 2012. In the time I’ve been living in La Porte City, I’ve looked through The Progress Review many times, and I am currently receiving your weekly paper.
I find your paper very informative about what is going on in the community. I do have some objections to what isn’t being printed in your paper. I feel, as I’m sure others do too, like the negatives, such as criminal happenings, student-teacher scandals, abusive husbands, the town alcoholic, football players being held out of games for alcohol-related incidents, or other negative happenings that may arise in a small town.
I’ve lived in La Porte City for long enough to know that the town I grew up in is not all “sunshine and daisies,” so why do you only publish the “sunshine and daisies” of La Porte City? The worst thing that you publish in The Progress Review is the monthly arrest log and obituaries. As the editor of a small town paper, you are well known in town. You may have heard about some of the things I referred to before, so why didn’t you, as a “journalist,” investigate these matters and publish them? You keep up-to-date with rumors spreading around like wild fires. What’s different about these other subjects?
I would like a response to this letter, if you would take the time to write one. I would also like it published in The Progress Review. Maybe then other readers’ eyes will be open to your “sunshine and daisies” town paper.
Justin Murphy, Mt. Pleasant

Read the editor’s response here.