To the Editor:

When I am near water, my soul quiets. The sound, the feel of it lapping against my feet brings rejuvenation. I look for reasons to be near it, to play with my three sons in it, we even live on property with a creek running through it. But now I have more than 10,000 reasons to avoid it.
Animal confinements are ruining the quality of our water, closing beaches, and making it more expensive to drink. The people of Iowa, our children, are owed clean, safe waterways, something that can be accomplished with stricter rules against factory farm pollution and a moratorium on more confinements. When I am near water, I want my soul to be at rest, not anxious about what harms may be lurking unseen. Since the Iowa legislature won’t protect our rights, we had to file this lawsuit against the state. For this reason, I am proud to support Iowa CCI and FWW’s lawsuit against the State of Iowa to clean up our waterways.

Kim Stephens