To the Editor:

Thank you to all who support the Agricultural Education program and La Porte-Dysart FFA chapter by volunteering time, energy, and expertise; by supporting our educational and fund-raising activities, and by helping guide a program that continues to evolve just as agriculture does. I have witnessed your generosity toward our students for 21 years and look forward to supporting the chapter in my retirement.

An Agriculture Education/FFA program is an important option for high school students because it presents a unique learning experience that allows students to learn and practice skills that are valued by our society: leadership, building positive interpersonal and community relationships, and career development.

I have had the privilege to work with outstanding students, caring and interested parents, progressive communities, and supportive school administrative, teaching, and support staff. I will miss those connections and I hope that my service made a positive difference.

I know the Union Agriculture Education department and La Porte-Dysart FFA Chapter will continue to thrive and evolve under the leadership of Adam Sacquitne, the new agriculture education instructor and FFA advisor.

With my sincere thanks,

Louis Beck