To the Editor:

Within the past years my uncle and aunt, Tom and Virginia Elliott, have passed away at the La Porte City Nursing and Rehab Center. While residents there, they enjoyed excellent care and were happy there.

Their funerals were held at the Methodist Church in La Porte City and both were interred at West View Cemetery. Both the church and cemetery staff provided excellent service; the presence of God was felt. The cemetery is well-kept and is a comfort to families and friends.

We wish to thank everyone who has helped through this difficult time. In attending Tom’s funeral and being able to talk to my three cousins after many years, many good memories of this area came to mind. When in high school, Aunt Virginia and Uncle Tom opened their home to me. Dave and I attended Geneseo Consolidated School.

Life was busy and fun and Tom and Virginia were kind and helpful. Coming from Waterloo, life on a farm was all new to us. There were animals to care for, milking to be done and threshers to cook for. Virginia was a great cook and teacher. From my experiences in your community, I know many lessons are being learned and values instilled.

Thank you all again – you have a community to be proud of and grateful for.

Marlys (Crummer) Lloyd, Cedar Rapids