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 To the Editor:

A Professional Family Child Care Provider in your midst!

Recently I was in Waterloo to attend “Music in the Home”- a professional development day for Registered Family Child Care Home providers. There were seventy-five State Registered providers from Black Hawk County at this training made available through Cedar Valley Promise & Child Care Resource & Referral (CCRR).
One of the first providers I had the opportunity to visit with was your own Teresa Toomsen, a Registered Family Child Care provider who lives in La Porte City. Teresa is a Member of our state family child care Association (IFCCA), is rated a 4 (of 5) in the states Quality rating System (QRS) and of course, was here, on a Saturday, attending a professional development opportunity. This is what professional family child care providers do – they develop on-going skills on weekends and evenings because our work in “family child care” does not have the flexibility to do so during our work day.
I had the chance to work with Teresa at several points during this day of music development. Teresa, it was evident, is a professional child development home provider who takes her work as a care giver seriously. I have been providing care for nearly thirty years and have had the opportunity to meet hundreds of great family child care providers; Teresa is easily one of the true professionals in family child care. If you are searching for quality family child care (not babysitting). I encourage you to contact Teresa through your local CCRR office and schedule a visit of her in-home family child care program. I think you will agree, all child care is not the same.

Matt Tapscott, President, Iowa Family Child Care Association
Decorah, Iowa