To the Editor:
When the Supreme Court ruled that billionaires could pour unlimited funds to preferred Republicans running for state and federal offices the election process that had some integrity and honesty was reduced to lies and deceit. In the 2016 election approximately 889 million dollars was spent to put Republicans in the majority. A Des Moines Register editorial on March 12, 2017 was captioned, “Lawmakers rush to enact destructive legislation.” It goes on to say in just 62
days the Republicans in Des Moines have inflicted more damage on this state than anyone could have thought possible. They are hatching bills in secret and running them through committees with little or no public debate. When you are doing the bidding of your corporate benefactors instead of the citizens of Iowa, it’s best to operate with speed and stealth.
A prime example of corporate interest was when Craig Johnson admitted that he voted to end collective bargaining for some employees without ever reading the bill. He did what his anti-labor benefactors told him to do. They would like to do away with all unions and remove workers’ rights. No raise in the minimum wage, destroy the bottle bill that 88% of Iowans approve of and worker’s compensation laws. These things
only benefit the corporations and not Iowa citizens.
Warren Buffet is quoted in the book Dark Money by Jane Mayer, “There’s class warfare but it’s my class, the rich class that’s making war and we’re winning.” They win every time their money puts another Republican in office and the people lose.
These six words sum up my opinion of today’s politicians: lie, cheat, steal, greed, graft and corruption.

Merle Wilson
Jesup, Iowa