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To the parents , families, and friends that use Gates Street to pick up their children at La Porte City Elementary School:
As all of you know that use Gates Street, there is a spot in the street that needs to be fixed. I want you to know that Gates Street does not belong to me. I’m saying this because a majority of you have decided that you have to drive on our grass adjacent to the street. I realize that the city owns a certain amount of land on both sides of every street in La Porte City, but the property owner adjacent to the street is responsible for the upkeep (mowing, etc.) on the city property. Many of you don’t own your own property and are probably not aware of this and I would guess not over 1 percent of you have ever been to a council meeting.
In the past year, I have hit large broken pieces of the blacktop with my mower that have been thrown 15-20 feet into the yard. Again, I do not own the street. The reason the street has not been repaired is because of it being of low priority and the funds are not available to make the repairs. About two weeks ago I took a push broom and swept all of the loose pieces of blacktop together and had them picked up, and will try to keep them cleaned up. The spot is not bad enough to damage any vehicle whether it be a car, a truck, or a bicycle. So I am asking you to PLEASE not drive in the grass.
In looking at the new and UN-improved city website, I see that there is NO way to e-mail or call a council member to ask questions. If you have questions regarding this message please call Mayor David Neil at City Hall, 342-3396, and he will be happy to answer any questions you have. Thank You.

Phil Norris, La Porte City

Editor’s Note: While the City expects to roll out a redesigned website in the coming weeks, area residents may contact the Mayor and City Council via e-mail by accessing the current website at www.lpcia.com. Selecting the “Mayor & City Council” link under the Government link on the Main Menu Bar will bring up a listing of the mayor and five City Council members. Two of the six links on that page that provide direct e-mail access were not functioning properly and have since been restored. Residents may also contact City Hall, open 8-4:30 PM weekdays, by phone at 342-3396. -MW