To the Editor:

Under the Affordable Care Act (what some call Obamacare), nearly 200,000 Iowans have access to healthcare through Medicaid expansion. These are hard-working Iowans who don’t receive group health insurance at work and who earn such low wages they couldn’t afford to buy individual health insurance. What will become of these hard-working Iowans when Senator Grassley, Senator Ernst and Representative Blum destroy the Affordable Care Act? They are tossed out into the cold with no relief since the current plan is to repeal the existing law before there is even hope of a qualified replacement. Such action is unconscionable, but seems to be par for the course among Republicans this year.
Candidate Trump made lots of promises about healthcare features that would be preserved (young adults staying on family plans, no lifetime caps, no denial of coverage because of illness, etc.). Even though Trump promised many times to “repeal and replace with beautiful health care” in the end he’s doing nothing. Grassley, Ernst and Blum continue to push repeal without replacement causing catastrophic results for ordinary Iowans. Some hard-working Iowans voted for Trump based on his promises, but they will be sorely disappointed now when Republicans act.

Roger L. White
Cedar Falls