To the Editor:

Another Memorial Day has come and gone. If you were one of the many who visited West View Cemetery this past week, you may or may not have noticed the condition of this sacred ground. Many of our friends and relatives, as well as veterans, who have passed on were honored with decorations and remembrances.

It is the main objective of one man to be caretaker of this cemetery, whether burial of one of your loved ones or then taking care of that spot forever. Our thanks should always be to Bill Monteith for the work he does.

Thank you to all who helped install and take down flags last week. Thank you to the veterans for the short program that we the public were privileged to hear. The numbers were small because of the virus, but we were all blessed. Thanks to the Auxiliary for the small flags on each veteran’s grave.

Bill Starr, Chairperson Cemetery Board
Steve Miller, Director
Rocky Brown, Director
Lloyd Bathen, Director
Kathy Norris, Secretary-Treasurer, Director
Larry Kane, Director

P.S. Whoever took the small flags from the veterans’ graves, shame-shame-shame, God was watching!